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Selasa, 14 Juli 2009

Baju Jupe Melorot Payudara Besar

Foto Payudara Julia Perez Kemben Melorot

Shameful incidents befall artist Julia Perez or Jupe disapa familiar. Lace dress, which should sustain Topless suddenly dropped out.Julia Perez.
When it is being absorbed Jupe asyiknya rock sing-song split Duren. But the show must go on. In the name of professionalism, Jupe still singing in front of hundreds of spectators in a hotel in central Jakarta back.Payudara Julia Perez.
The incidence copotnya strap dress Jupe terpaut only five days to the birthday-29, ie 15 July to come. Jupe is planning to celebrate ultah Pulau Dewata on the size of the family.Baju Julia Perez Melorot.
In the event, Jupe will be introduced with the man her mother's choice. "He would dikenalin pas ultah later. Oops, kayaking period Nurbaya Siti aja," said Jupe, such as Celebrity dilansir Hello. Julia Perez Kemben Melorot. Penyayi Seksi, Artis Seksi, Artis Skandal.

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