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Selasa, 26 Mei 2009

Foto Artis Bugil Pinkan Mambo Seksi Hot Telanjang

Foto Bugil Pinkan mambo
foto Pinkan Mambo Bugil

Pinkan Mambo Bugil, again and again pinkan mambo menjadi korban foto artis telanjang.
pinkan mambo telanjang beredar di internet.
see, but i think this is just photoshop skill or another girls who like pinkan mambo.
but pinkan mambo say pinkan mambo never bugil or telanjang.
this picture i get only one. foto bugil pinkan mambo.

indonesia top artis pinkan mambo

Pinkan mambo profile

Full Name : Pinkan ratnasani Mambo

Nick Name: Pinkan Mambo

Place of birth : Jakarta

Day of birth : 11 November 1980

Foto Bugil Pinkan Mambo spread in the Internet?

Roy Suryo akan doubt the authenticity of the image similar Pinkan bugil Mambo that are now circulating on the internet is quite knowledgeable.

"This image is only one. So risk is to say this is correct or not. Moreover, this picture was taken from _low angel_ analyzed so that is still difficult. I highly doubt the authenticity of this picture, "said Roy Suryo to okezone, Monday (16/2/2009) the night.

According to the analysis of the Democratic party caleg this, images taken using a digital camera with the resolution is very low and is taken in a room.

"If there is additional data or testimony this photo, the new more detail can be analyzed and who indeed may be the image of women in that," he said.

Pinkan Mambo does not claim to own the image that is itself, a group of the former Queen of Mambo Pinkan never feel difoto bugil.

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